Activities of the VDA

Additional training measures

Specialised workshops under the supervision of leading scholars will offer participants the opportunity to develop and improve their legal writing skills, and to hone their presentation techniques. In cooperation with the DoktorandInnenzentrum and the DLE Nachwuchsförderung, the members of the VDA will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops aimed at designing research proposals and scholarship applications.  The courses offered by the VDA focus on successful academic communication on an international level, including a heightened awareness of interdisciplinary and intercultural challenges.


Interdisciplinary academic impulses though guest lectures and conferences

The VDA offers its members the opportunity to organise conferences and invite guest lecturers, and encourages students to apply for additional external funding (with the support of the members of the Steering Committee and the Faculty). 


Regular peer review sessions (“Socratics”)

Regular meetings (“Socratics”) provide participants with an opportunity to present and discuss their work within their peer group. This not only provides students with an opportunity to practise their presentation skills, but also encourages critical analysis of their own texts. The participation of young scholars from all legal and related disciplines ensures and encourages inter- and transdisciplinary communication within the VDA. 


Publication of the University of Vienna Law Review (VLR)

An internationally visible outcome of the VDA is the University of Vienna Law Review. This open access journal aims at offering members of the VDA a framework for the publication of their research, preferably in English or another internationally widespread language. 

The University of Vienna Law Review accepts both longer articles (20-40 pages) and short summaries of excellent doctoral theses. Prior to publication, all articles are submitted to peer review by Austrian and international experts. Together with the involvement of the Steering Committee as the Scientific Council of the journal (in collaboration with the theses supervisors), this serve to guarantee the scholarly quality of the publication.