How to apply

The admission of students to the program will be conducted on the basis of recommendations of the supervisors or an individual application submitted to the Steering Committee of the VDA. The admission will be granted on the basis of academic merit (grades, extracurricular activities related to academic research such as studies or research abroad, publications, quality of the research proposal for the doctoral thesis, teaching experience or professional legal experience). Ideally, applicants should have successfully completed the public presentation of their diploma thesis prior to admission.

Regular participation in VDA activities is obligatory; however, student members' professional obligations will be taken into account.

This year, we will be able to admit twenty new members.


Documents required:

  • CV
  • photo (for publication on the VDA homepage; ideally in JPEG format)
  • if applicable:
    • publications, conference papers, teaching experience, other academic credentials
    • professional experience (please specify)
  • short summary of your PhD thesis (one page or exposé of the Fakultätsöffentliche Präsentation)
  • current progress of your research, incl. intended date of completion, date of the FÖP
  • letter of recommendation from your supervisor (email is sufficient)
  • letter of motivation, addressing the following questions:
    • What do I expect to gain from the VDA (help and support, additional training, lectures,…)?
    • What do I want to contribute? How much time can I afford to spend on VDA activities (per week/month)?


Deadline for applications:  15 March 2019

Please send your application to the following email address:

We look forward to your application!