Interscience - 1st symposium of the Vienna Doctoral Schools | Preliminary Schedule

TimeThursday, 14 SeptemberFriday, 15 September


9:00-9:30Opening Remarks & Welcome
  • Heinz Fassmann (Vice Rector of the University of Vienna)
  • Lucas Zinner (Center for Doctoral Studies, University of Vienna)
  • Amelie Schoenenwald (Fellow of the VDS Molecules of Life)

Amelie Schoenenwald, VDS Molecules of Life


Michael Keller, VDS Physics
  • Thomas Pollard (Yale)
    Molecular Mechanisms of Cytokinesis and Endocytosis
  • Seth Lloyd (MIT)
    Quantum Machine Learning

10:30-11:00Coffee BreakCoffee Break
  • Manjil Saikia (VDS Mathematics)
    The Remarkable Sequence 1,2,7,42,429,7436,...
  • Giulia Cimarelli (VDS CoBeNe)
    Dog-Owner Relationships: Individual Differences and Comparison with Dog-Dog Relationships
  • Jürgen Goller (VDS CoBeNe)
    Visual Aesthetics - How Beauty Shapes Human Perception
  • Florian Pflug (VDS Molecules of Life)
    Unbiased Counting Absolute Numbers of Molecules Using Unique Molecular Identifiers
12:00-14:00Lunch & Poster session (Arkadenhof)Lunch & Poster session (Arkadenhof)

Axel Böhm, VDS Mathematics


Ines Leca, VDS CoBeNe
  • Pierre-Louis Lions (College de France)
    On Mean Field Games

  • Asya Rolls (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)
    The Complex Interactions Between Mind and Body: It Takes a Brain to Control Immunity
  • Karolina Zielinska (VDS Molecules of Life)
    Molecular Basis for Calcium Regulation in Entamoeba Histolytica A-Actinin-2
  • Jernej Cinc (VDS Mathematics)
    The Plane Fixed Point Property Problem
  • Irati Alonso Calafell (VDS Physics)
    The One in Which the Pigeon and the Message Do Not Travel Together
  • Filippo Fedi (VDS Physics)
    From Stone Age to Nano Age
16:00-16:30Coffee Break

 Coffee Break


Stefan Benke, VDS Molecules of Life


Tomack Gilmore, VDS Mathematics
16:30-18:00Panel Discussion: "To Interscience and Beyond: Navigating Scientific Communication" VDSlam: Alternative Ways of Presenting Science
  • Award Ceremony of the VDSlam
  • Closing Remarks:
    Peter Schlögelhofer (Deputy coordinator of the VDS Molecules of Life)
    Lisa B. Weiss (Fellow of the VDS Physics)
19:00Conference Dinner


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